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Paolo Caravello / VOID Architecture

Architect Paolo Caravello visiting Digibalance office in HelsinkiVOID Architechture logoArchitect Paolo Caravello has been a AutoAccount client since 2011. Originally he started as a self employed micro entrepreneur but is nowadays running his own company, VOID Architecture. He uses bookkeeping, Payroll and Consultation services of AutoAccount.

VOID Architecture specialises in contemporary architecture inspired by places of outstanding natural beauty, designing distinctive and unique buildings that are recognizable for their clean lines and lucidity of intent.

Combining architectural and interior design services, VOID also develops space planning concepts that add value to companies, by enhancing the communicative impact of their business premises.

Founder Paolo Caravello has significant experience in the field of design, having been active in architecture and built environment practice since 2003. He has since been involved in a number of major development projects in England, Italy and Finland, ranging from high end residential schemes to social housing, from schools and universities to developments in the hospitality sector.

Deniz Bozgeyik / Kuntohirmu Oy – Easyfit Franchise Entrepreneur

Kuntohirmu Oy is a company founded in November 2014 by Deniz Bozgeyik. It is a part of EasyFit gym chain, which provides best quality fitness services for an affordable price. Deniz is now a certified personal trainer in EasyFit Pitäjänmäki and also works as the owner and manager of the company. He has been operating the gym with his wife Aino Sievänen since the beginning.

Kuntohirmu uses AutoAccount bookkeeping service as their bookkeeping.

Having AutoAccount as our accounting firm has been giving us confidence at each step of our project. We are also very pleased with the accounting services provided by AutoAccount so that we can concentrate better at our own work. I should specifically add that the tax return reports have been working very smoothly.

Faizy Shah / Ali Walay Oy – Subway Franchise Entrepreneur

Faizy Shah’s company Ali Walay Oy runs two Subway restaurants. He employs dozens of people and many of them have an international background like Faizy.

AutoAccount’s consultation service assisted Faizy already in the start-up phase. Nowadays he utilises AutoAccount’s international bookkeeping service in his bookkeeping and tax reporting.