Customer letter 11/2022

This is a newsletter to AutoAccount customers

DigibalanceApp version update

As you may have already noticed, the latest version of the DigibalanceApp application, based on our own product development, is now available. This usually does not require any action from the user, but if there has been no change in your view, I recommend logging out of the application and logging in again.

In practice, you will first notice the update related to the appearance and how the technical functionality has improved. In particular, the usability of the important Archive function has been developed.

We have received several small development proposals from customer entrepreneurs, which we will try to update to this new version in the future. Added features will be announced separately one at a time.

Especially new users have often longed for how-to video instructions on the use of various functions. Instructions can now be found on DigibalanceApp’s own webpages at digibalanceapp-guides


Note! We will centralize the storage of all AutoAccount customers’ accounting material in the DigibalanceApp Archive in the future.

If you are still using our old Dropbox archiving, its use will end in 2022. More detailed instructions will be given separately about the transition phase related to this. We will of course keep the old material, but all the 2023 documents must be stored in the DigibalanceApp Archive. If you haven’t used the application archive yet, I recommend watching the instructional video on the DigibalanceApp website. For the current Dropbox users this Archive will be available after the transition period.


Have a really good start of the winter season!

Mikko Ilves
Chairman of the Board
Digibalance companies